A frew details for the tubing portion of the weekend. 

WHERE to Meet for Tubing? :: River Road Ice House - 1791 Hueco Springs Loop Rd, New Braunfels TX 78132

What COMPANY is doing the Tubing? :: The Tubes will be provided by Rock R River Guides

TRANSPORTATION from River Road Ice House to River :: The Tubing company will have 3 buses that hold 40 people / bus. The Buses will be taking groups of 40 people / bus down to the river. 

What TIME to meet up for Tubing? :: Buses will be coming and going starting at 9:45 - 11:45. Each bus can take 40 people, so they will be shuttling back and forth during that time. Feel free to come at anytime between 9:45 - 11:45

How long is the Float Trip? :: The float is around 3-4 hours depending on how fast you take it. You can sit back and relax or doing a little swimming and pushing as well. 

What about ice Chests? :: Tubes will be available to purchase for your icechest at River Road Ice house from the tubing company. Please bring cash for this.

Can I bring DRINKS or SNACKS? :: Drinks, Alcohol, and snacks are permitted. But NO Styrofoam & NO Glass bottles. You need to bring your own Ice Chest and must rent a tube for your ice chest. We recomend bringing lots of water.

SAFETY WAIVER :: Everyone that is going tubing needs to fill out a safety waiver. The Waiver can be found here. Release Form.pdf

 To speed up the process, please print this off, fill it out and bring it w/ you. 

After the trip :: After the float trip you will have time to do whatever you want. You are welcome to go to your hotel, or you can stay and have a drink at River Road Ice House. The Music Starts at 4:15.